Here are some examples of my work with other original projects and live session playing.  Scroll past the videos for excerpts / examples of studio recordings.

I am fully equipped for remote recording.


Typewritten - my solo album - is the best example of self-recorded production for acoustic guitars.


Silent Earthling by Three Trapped Tigers is a good showcase album for my electric guitar/synth/electronic arrangements/production.

Guitar for misc. creative projects / original bands:

Matt Calvert - TypewrittenThree Trapped TigersStrobes

Matt Calvert - guitar, original music
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Synths, Keyboards, Electronics, Ableton for live projects

Matt Calvert - Keys, Synths, MD Showreel
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Beat It (solo) - Quincy Jones Orchestra, Montreux Jazz Festival 2019

Beat It w/Quincy Jones Orchestra, Montreux Jazz Festival 2019
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